Meatpixel official wine: Blue Nun

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Blue Nun is now the official wine of All y’all haters, well, you know what to do. (New label! Younger nun!)

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so what

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So What

w/ Coltrane

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Just about the only thing that gets my head right on Friday nites is Miles Davis and three big glasses of wine. ‘Steamin’ with Miles’ right now.

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Concha y Toro

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fr_cab.gifConcha y Toro is a fine, cheap wine, especially the plain ol’ Cab Sav under the Frontera label. I started drinking this stuff back in ’93, when Chilean wines were just making the scene. It’s still good, and for $7.99 at S@m’s, it’s a steal. Note that the Merlot blend is not as good, IMO, but lately that’s all I’ve found at the regular liquor stores. Everyone seems to have the Sunrise variety, but I haven’t tried that and probably wouldn’t pay the extra $2 for it anyway. I wonder if they’re just repackaging the Frontera due to its popularity? The bottle graphic is a little tall, so I’m adding this line to help line it up with the bottom of the text.

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