XJ650 Seca Turbo

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YamahaWhen motorcycles used to roar.

Turbocharging puts new life in the Yamaha 650cc engine; although the Turbo is just three-tenths of a second quicker than the standard 650 at the drag strip, that figure is deceiving. When the engine comes on the boost, the power surge is astonishing, and the Turbo tops out at speeds that standard Seca owners can reach only in Fantasyland.

via Motorcycle Specs.

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Bond Lifestyle

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via Seiko G757 5020 Sports 100 | Bond Lifestyle.

The Seiko G757 Sports 100 watch is used by Bond Roger Moore in Octopussy. The Seiko is equipped with a tracking device to locate the Fabergé egg, and is clearly visible several times in the movie: first in Qs lab Bond is already wearing the watch before Q explains what it can actually do, and later it is used to track the Fabergé egg.